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About First

First is a fast growing transport intermediary, founded in 2007. We offer total solutions in transport. Our goal is to continuously improve our service level and exceed the customers expactation.


We are a service minded company and always looking for the best service, quality and solution for our customers. The customer choose ‘First’ to ensure that the transportation of their goods matches the demands and whishes they have.


Excellent knowledge of transport and a comprehensive network, ensures ‘First’ to find solutions for any transport challenges our customers have.

Our services

European Road Transport

An affordable solution of First is groupage transport. Transportation of commodities, i.e. packages or pallet, through a comprehensive network in Europe.

Express service

An affordable solution for quick transport of packages and pallets. Next day delivery through Europe! For a lower rate, also possible to deliver later. You can choose between urgence and rate. You decide which express service suits your needs the best. Whichever service you choose, you are always guaranteed of the knowledge and service of First.

On board courier

Your smaller packages with great speed to your consignee abroad? Pick up in the morning, delivery in the afternoon. Our employees will never loose track of your shipment!

Special transport

For any other kind of transport i.e.

– Full trailer loads from A to B
– Height or width loads
– Heavy loads
– Oversized machines
– Crane deliveries

First offers many possibilites with our special transport department

Courier services

A specific solution for all your demands?
Try our courier service! We are always in direct contact with the driver.

– ‘Door to door’ delivery
– 24 hours a day, 52 weeks a year
– Perfect rate / quality
– Personal delivery update

First always finds your best solution! We always use the most skilled drivers, to ensure transportation of your goods will always be done right!